Fortinet FortiGate 1000C



Accelerated, Proven Security for the Enterprise

By intercepting and inspecting network traffic at wire speeds, the FortiGate-1000Chelps you identify and remove threats hidden within legitimate application traffic. Withfirewall performance of 20 Gbps and IPS throughput of 3.5 Gbps, the FortiGate-1000C is ideal for mid-to-large enterprise deployments. The FortiGate-1000C deliversthe performance you need to control your organization’s applications, data, and userswithout becoming a network bottleneck.The Power of Unified Threat Management (UTM)The FortiGate-1000C security platform delivers industry-leading performance andflexibility. You can deploy the right blend of essential hardware-accelerated securitytechnologies now and in the future to meet your evolving network requirements. Thesetechnologies include firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, application control, and webcontent filtering, all managed from a ‘single pane of glass’ management console. TheFortiGate-1000C also includes additional security technologies such as antivirus/antimalware, antispam, vulnerability management, and WAN optimization, allowingyou to consolidate stand-alone devices.The FortiGate-1000C gives you the ability to identify and stop numerous types ofthreats from a single device. For example, advanced application control enables you todefine and enforce policies for thousands of applications running across your network,regardless of port or protocol used. Data leakage prevention technology, using asophisticated pattern-matching engine, helps identify and prevent the accidental orintentional transfer of sensitive information outside of network perimeters, even whenapplications encrypt their communications.The high port density and types of ports of the FortiGate-1000C gives you the freedomto create multiple security zones for various departments, users, access methods,and even devices. There are eight (8) shared RJ-45/SFP Gigabit Ethernet ports fordeployment flexibility, as well as two (2) bypass-protected port to preserve networkavailability in the event of a device failure. In addition, 128 GB of onboard flash memorylets you deploy WAN optimization to reduce bandwidth consumption across yourWAN connection, enable local reporting, or archive content locally.