Hefter SI 5450


Basic modules of the inserting system SI 5450

The bigger system SI 5450 is standardly equipped with a further module compared to the SI 5250 which increases the application variety considerably.

With the speed of up to 5.400 strokes/h the jobs are processed much faster.

  • The towerfeeder – the heart of the system – has already 4 feeding stations for documents, enclosures or envelopes up to size C4.
  • The inserting system SI 5450 is controlled and programmed at an operating panel with coloured display. It supports the user with graphics, drawings and texts so that the user is always informed about the current status and condition of the system.
  • 24 different jobs can be stored
  • The maximum speed is 5.400 strokes/ h


  • The folder can be adjusted electronically to the fold types single, wrap, Z- and double parallel fold. With the wrap or Z-fold up to 8 sheets can be processed
  • With the help of an electronic control system you can even use different fold types within one job
  • High-capacity feeder for envelopes

This high-capacity module has a capacity of up to 500 envelopes. Using this extra feeding station one more station in the tower feeder can be used, e.g. for working with additional envelope size such as C6/5 and C4 envelopes simultaneously without having to exchange the envelopes during the operation.

Variable applications – strong and fast – short set-up times – modular extendable

A compact, flexible and professional inserting system should be able to handle a high number of tasks and requirements, such as:

  • Mailings, invoices, reply notes or enclosres – folded and unfolded – are to processed with different envelope sizes from C6/5 up to C4
  • The adjustment to different envelope sizes should be possible without having to make changes at the inserting system.
  • Personalized outgoing mail should be inserted fully automatically with a control character code – such as a barcode
  • It should be possible to control individual documents
  • When changing a job the set-up times should be rather short
  • A system should be modular extendable for possible further demands in the future

The HEFTER Systemform inserting system SI 5450 is the solution for this challenging task. It stands on a vertically adjustable table.

Further options:

  • Intelligent operation with character codes
  • High volume feeding station for documents
  • Separation kit for feeding stations
  • Conveyor stacker
  • Franking machine connection
  • Franking machine kit
  • C4-sealing unit