Jooya Informatics Group

Jooya Informatics Group was established in 2002 by merging three experienced, active and reputed companies (Isfahan computer, Behafzar, Pulse Electronics) This company, is ready to provide services and consultations to government agencies,

private agencies and banks, by it’s expert employee and efficient managers with more than 30 years of experience in Tehran & Isfahan and other provinces of the country and an admirable experience. Also having first ranking in the ranking of the Supreme Informatics Council of the country,

of the Supreme Informatics Council of the country,is one of the powerful companies in the field of national projects and tenders.The company’s field of activity includes design, supply consulting,processing equipment, storage, data center infrastructure and export and import,training and activities that directly and indirectly are related to the above items.


The reference of providing the best solutions based on information technology and communication in world.


Commitment, Compeleting a mission, Effective measures, Healthy competition, Honest consultation, The quality of service


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Tehran Office: No23,Toupchi St,N Sohrevardi St, P.O 1558844411
Esfahan Office: 39th Dead-end,N Sheikh Sadough, P.O 8163849151